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Beyond the pad and pencil, a tool was needed to learn, explore, verify, document and share circuit designs! Excel was a good choice, not only because it's widelly used, but for its capability. Many topics stretched both my engineering knowledge and Excel skills.

• Play with the input values.
• Discover the effect on the output.
• Expand or customize the file for your own designs.


Op Amps

Op Amp Basic Inv, Non

Calculate gains and voltages of basic Inverting and Non-Inverting amplifier configs.

Op Amp Diff Amp

Calculate positive and negative voltage gains and output voltage.

Op Amp I to V Converter

Convert input current to an output voltage (trans-impedance amp) with offset voltage.

Op Amp Bandwidth, Settling Time

Given amplifier gain and Unity Gain Frequency, find the signal bandwidth and settling time to any percent.

Op Amp Input Offset Voltage Errors

Find op amp output errors due to Input Offset Voltage, both initial and temperture drift errors.

Cp Amp Input Bias Current  Errors

Fnd op amp output errors due to Input Bias Current, both initial and temperture drift errors.

Filters and Networks

RC LP Filter Frequency Response

Calculate the 1st order magnitude and phase (single pole) of an RC Low Pass Filter on a log frequency scale.


RLC LP Filter Frequency Response

Calculate the 2nd order response (complex conjugate pair of poles) of an RLC LP Fiter.

ADC Input Drivers


How can you translate a Single-Ended +/-5V signal to a Single-Ended 0 to 5V signal of the ADC's input range? This calculator tool shows you how.


Digital Logic

Basic Logic Gates

Experiemnt with AND, OR, NOT fucntions, try your own combinations.

Synchronous Up Counter

Get under the hood of a counter built with T Flip-Flops. Expand it by adding bits.


Noise Calc en Source

What is noise density vs. frequency and Vout (RMS) given a voltage noise source (white) with amplifer (K) of bandwidth (fc)?


Fourier Series

Create waveforms by entering Fourier Series coefficients (VBA code)

Image Processing

Rectangles, Gradients

Explore Imgae Processing with simple rectangles and gradients using VBA code.


Calculate Decibels

Convert a ratio to decibels.
(Simple VBA starter.)