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About the Series

Why a Calculator Series?

Dive into any Electrical Engineering (EE) topic and you'll find that its theory and application are driven largely by equations and calculations. Need to find the resistor to achieve an amplifier gain? Need to understand how a filter's bandwidth effects settling time? Then grab (or create) a calculator and let the equations work for you! Play with values to get a feel for a particular concept! Go to Collection...

Consider the collection as templates to create your own library of EE calculators.

Simple Example

How many Levels are defined given N Bits of resolution?

N Bits Levels = 2^N =

Why JavaScript?

Turns out that JavaScript is a medium horse-power language well suited for many scientific and engineering calculations. This language made the cut for several reason

A SPICE Companion

What a great companion to SPICE simulations. These EE Calculators assist your design and simulation adventures. Further down the road, you'll how to create your own SPICE Models and write the netlist directly to a text area for an easy cut and paste into a subcircuit file..

Enabling JavaScript

You might have to explicitly enable JavaScript on your browser. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript..


Here's the fairly straight forward code.

// calc Levels vs N Nit Resolution
	function getLevels_NBits() {
		// get values directly from form
		var N=document.myForm.N.value
		var Levels;
 	    // calc
 	    // place in text box
	    document.myForm.Levels.value = Levels;


To modify, customize or run on your PC, download a simple version of this file.